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Thursday, March 25, is an AMI day because LSR7 staff members are receiving COVID-19 vaccines and working from home. For assistance, please contact the school on Friday, March 26.
For "Kindergarten Kick-off!" information and instructions, please visit our kindergarten registration page.

R7 Summer Learning Institute

This year’s summer learning dates are June 1-July 1.  The first week will be Tuesday-Friday, with the remaining weeks Monday-Thursday.  The nine participating sites are: CCE, HHE, MLE, PLE, PVE, RHE, SVE, TRE and UWE  – as well as R7 Online.  Enrollment will open at 8:00 a.m. on April 19th and remain open until 3:00 p.m. on April 30th.  A course catalog will be available online beginning March 22nd.

R7 Summer Learning Institute will be different this year: Students will enroll in 2 enrichment courses (AM and PM). Kindergarten will attend all day (not the shortened day of the past). Identified students will attend 1 recovery course and 1 enrichment course. Transportation will provide shuttle service from a student’s school of residence to a partnered/nearby school. Title 1 schools will be provided curbside bus service. Lunch will be provided to all students, free of charge. A fee-based Summer Camp will be available before and after Summer Learning.  As soon as it is available, a flyer will be shared on this post.