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LSE Online Academy picture day announced

We are pleased to announce that LSE online academy student pictures will be taken on Monday, December 7th from 5pm to 8pm at Prairie Vice Elementary School. There will not be a Prepay Code for this event. Parents will get a Proof emailed to them in about 7-10 business days after the picture is taken.   The only thing students need to bring with them is their smiles! There is so sign-up or need for an appointment. Interstate Studios will have 4 cameras there taking photos and a manager directing traffic. If your student is sick or you think they are sick, please stay home –  Interstate will have other options available to them.  Feel free to contact the LSE office if you have any questions.  Click this link for a Prairie View Elementary campus map showing where to go for pictures:  scan_tricia.hitchcock_2020-11-13-11-46-52